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Day Eighteen: Concluding time in Caithness

on July 1, 2015
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Strangely familiar – that white dome set incongruously against a beautiful coast, stark against blue sea and blue sky. I’m now quite used to the sight of the dome at Sizewell just down the coast from where I now live, but here’s the original – at Dounreay on the north coast, west of Thurso.

My father worked here many years ago. When they were building it, we schoolkids were given tours. I even won an essay prize for a report on a lecture we’d been given on the theory and benefits of nuclear power. I have a strange memory of the title referring to a bell, a bow and a boomerang!

I was passing Dounreay en route to visit a minister friend further along the coast – my last in-Caithness catch-up before I set off again. We hadn’t seen each other for years but once again, the passage of time had made no dent in our friendship. In this era of disposable everything, it’s good to know some things do last! (By the way this is something she’s planning on preaching about on Sunday evening.)

And so this part of my trip draws to a close. It’s been great but for next time – or for those of you planning a book trip – I think the lessons are:

  1. Trust. God has organised my trip amazingly well!
  2. Trust. Bring more books than you think you’ll sell.


3.Trust – and build in enough time to rest!


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