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Day Twenty-One: Hunting in the rain

on July 4, 2015

We Scots are a hardy people so when we woke up to torrential rain this morning, we knew it was not going to stop us.

Digital Image

We had an agenda and we were determined to hunt until we had captured our prey! So on went the hooded rain jackets and the wellington boots and off we set.

Our first target was the famed uisge beatha. This rare and wonderful creature is not found everywhere in Scotland and has several distinct regional variations. Strangely the one in our sights today is classed as Highland since though we’re in Aberdeenshire, the river nearby is the Deveron not the Spey, so the cratur cannot be classed as Speyside. You’ve guessed it: we were after whisky! And the nearby Glendronach Distillery, founded in 1826 by James Allardice, provided plenty of choice.

Digital Image

Digital Image

We were awed to find a bottle of Glendronach Recherche,distilled and filled to cask in 1968, on sale at around £2,700. Only 632 bottles of the 47-year-old whisky was produced.

Digital Image

Having successfully bagged our prey, we set out for our next target. This is another rare beast some say is mythical but I would rather say legendary. Although I’ve never seen one in the life running about the hills with its characteristic odd three-legged shuffle, I have eaten it often and find it delicious.

This time I really needed my expert stalkers. They led me through the undergrowth, between high-sided canyons, until we rounded a corner and there – high up – was our quarry. ‘We’ll go!’ they cried and crept forward. I followed closely and managed to get a photograph as they closed in.

Digital Image

Success! The greater Scottish haggis was now captured. As we speak, it is safely in the boot of my car for taking back to England, but here is one we had earlier…

Digital Image


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