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Day Twenty-two: An Aberdeen Sunday

on July 6, 2015

Sunday morning I went with my eight-year-old great-niece to the nearby Church of Scotland. Those of my readers who are not Scots may find the name a bit of a tongue-twister: Auchaber and Auchterless. The first Sunday of the month is their joint service so the Auchaber church was full and a very tempting summer lunch of soup and sweets was on offer.

Digital Image

Digital Image

We walked to church – a good mile or so – and there was plenty to see and talk about as the young one skipped along at my side, including the famous sheep.

Digital Image

The famous sheep

They are famous, she explained, for being famous. I think she has a very clear grip of the modern concept of celebrity!

After lunch, I set off down the Inverurie road, through beautiful countryside – rich meadows and mountains.

Digital Image

And arrived at Aberdeen, the city where I went to University for my first degree – and to the home of one of the friends I shared a flat with in second year. To my delight, one of our other flatmates had turned up to surprise me! After joyful reunions and catch-ups, we went down to Old Aberdeen and took a long amble round the places of our youth, remembering folk we had known and incidents from the past.

Digital Image

Old Aberdeen

Digital Image

King’s College Chapel, Aberden


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