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The third draft: Day one

on August 10, 2015

So here I am, Day One of the third draft of the new novel. I planned to read it though. Not from page one to the end but in the separate sequences. My story, the Mizpah Ring Trilogy,  follows the lives of four families. Book One covers the first generation. Book Two will follow the second. And Book Three the third. Think of the families as threads, weaving and interweaving through each other’s lives and drawing other people into the mix.

So what I did last thing Friday was separate out the threads: the chapters relating to each thread in  a separate pile. And what I planned to do today was read one pile at a time.

But first, I decided to double check my timelines to make sure people were the right age at the right time and place. And discovered that I’ve raced ahead on one of my timelines so that thread is out of kilter.

This means I need to axe eleven (11) chapters.

Digital Image


I’ll do that tomorrow. For now, it’s hot and definitely time for tea!


2 responses to “The third draft: Day one

  1. wjones642014 says:

    Oh no. That’s not good 😦 Hope it is easier to sort out than you think. If it makes you feel any better, in my first novel I forgot to investigate one of the murders. I had to rewrite several chapters. It will all be worth it in the end

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