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Starting out on Lent

on February 10, 2016

I’ve only fairly recently become aware of Lent. Strange, maybe, because I’ve been a Christian since I was in my late teens. We just didn’t ‘do’ it in our church back home. But since I came to live in England, and lately when I’ve been more involved in ecumenical relations, I’ve been more aware of Lent. And this year I decided I wanted to ‘do’ it.

I may have gone over the top with my plans for ‘giving up’ – but I felt there were some things that I might well benefit from giving up! Like cake with my afternoon tea.

Digital Image

I can feel virtuous (doing something for Lent) and maybe almost effortlessly lose a few pounds. I’m planning to abjure wine for the same reason. I don’t drink much, maybe a glass or two with lunch once or twice a week. But I think I will let it go for Lent (and the excess poundage).

Neither of those feels much of a sacrifice – both have benefits for me. But the third is much more of a sacrifice. I have decided to give up Facebook till Easter Monday, although I think this blog will automatically post on Facebook. (Which will reassure my Facebook friends that I’m still alive and writing!)

I’m sure I spend too much time on Facebook. Some of it is good – keeping in touch with faraway family and friends. But I waste a lot of time on cute video clips, endless funnies, recipes, etc etc!

So I’m having a break.

Yes, I have a pile of books I want to read. And there’s the new book to write. Of course. There’s always plenty to do. But I feel challenged to use the time I’ve won creatively and usefully.

We shall see. There are 40 days to explore and experiment with. We shall see what I have gathered from them! (And that’s my attempt at the ‘word for today’ challenge!)



2 responses to “Starting out on Lent

  1. Lucy Mills says:

    Hope your ‘exploring’ bears much fruit for you, Dorothy. And yes, your blog does post to FB in your absence! 🙂

  2. I like the way you snook ‘gather’ in there, nice. Hope you’ll be refreshed and blessed during Lent x

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