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I’ve missed you!

on March 28, 2016

I did some giving up for Lent this year. I gave up wine. I gave up cake with my afternoon tea. And I gave up Facebook.

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Digital Image

Interestingly I haven’t lost any weight – a desired-for side-effect of the loss of wine and cake. And I really missed Facebook.

My fast from Facebook – from social media – was a real challenge and sacrifice! I missed my friends! I missed the cheerful pictures and posts telling me what they were up to. I missed being in the loop of what was going on – the requests for prayer that make me feel not entirely useless. The pics of lost animals and lost soft toys and lost and runaway children that I could do my bit by passing on. The up-to-date information about the outrageous things our government is doing but hopes nobody knows about. And the inspirational texts and pics and blogs and stories that lift my heart and renew my hope.

I missed all that.But as a writer I also missed the sense of being part of the writing and publishing community. I went to the Association of Christian Writer’s one-day event in Bath and that was great – but I wanted to tell my ACW friends I was going, and I wanted to post pics and tell everyone what a great day it was afterwards.

Similarly, I attended a musical evening last week in Norwich – performed by final-year students at a great cafe/cabaret venue. Again I wanted to publicise it in advance, and applaud it afterwards.

Forty days without Facebook has shown me clearly how much value it has for me, both as a receiver and sender of posts.

Yesterday evening, in the quiet after the joyous celebration of Easter Day, I logged on to Facebook – and slogged through the hundreds of notifications. Most were completely irrelevant to me, and from people I’ve never met and don’t know. It just showed how much of a time-waster Facebook can be. But there were some gems – some catch-ups I needed. Some new pics that made me smile.

I don’t usually do Easter eggs. I enjoy chocolate, but sugar is quite simply not a good thing for me. One taste and I’m off on a binge… that I regret all the while I’m stripping the silver paper off those eggs and stuffing them in my mouth!

I tell myself, when I buy them, that I’ll ration them: have a few, save the rest. It never happens. Once open, the whole pack has to be consumed. I know therefore that if I want to be a happy healthy bunny, I don’t buy sugary treats.I just can’t ration the stuff.

But I can ration my Facebook use. And that I think is the way to go: decide how much time to spend and stick to it. No more random time-wasting surfing! This is my Easter resolution. We’ll see if I stick to it!





One response to “I’ve missed you!

  1. Fran says:

    That’s interesting, because so many people fast from Facebook and then make the conclusion that it’s a complete waste of time, whereas you’ve ended up seeing the difference between what’s valuable about it and what’s not, which would probably be more my position. Welcome back, anyway! And well done on such good discipline …

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