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Travelling mercies

332 miles and 6 hours 53 minutes of actual driving today to get from Wick to my overnight stop beside Annandale Water. I booked it online. Never again! I may have got a very economical price but not my usual view of the lake. Let’s hope it’s not too noisy.

Friday 7th Sept 2018 011.JPG

The drive started off in pouring rain. Lots of fun for loading all my luggage into the car. Self-catering always means you have to bring more stuff! But exactly one and a half hour’s away is the delightful Poppy’s in Golspie.

Friday 7th Sept 2018 003.JPG

There I tucked into a pot of tea (served with an extra teabag on the side in case I wanted a stronger brew) and a warm, freshly baked fruit scone.

Friday 7th Sept 2018 001.JPG

There were lots of other delicious goodies on offer and the girls were doing a roaring trade in bacon-filled potato scones. Yum!

Keeping on the culinary agenda, my next stop was for a sandwich lunch surrounded by beautiful silver birches, those elegant silver ladies of the forest.

Friday 7th Sept 2018 004.JPG

And close by,  lots of heather.

Friday 7th Sept 2018 006.JPG

Lay-bys do not come with essential facilities so the House of Bruar was a convenient stop.

Friday 7th Sept 2018 007.JPG

It has, in my opinion, one of the most luxurious ladies’ rooms I have so far encountered in what is essentially a shop!

Friday 7th Sept 2018 009.JPG

Friday 7th Sept 2018 008.JPG

And of course, they don’t just do fish and chips:

Friday 7th Sept 2018 010.JPG

My last calorie top-up of the trip was a totally delicious banana pecan loaf cake with a pot of tea from Costa’s at Bothwell Services on the M74 – and then the sun came out! The last 54 miles of the drive was through golden scenery, the generous hillsides seemed brushed into softness and I found all my hurt and disappointment about having to return to England empty-handed had evaporated in the sunshine.

God is good.



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