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Not the end of the road

So the suitcases are emptied and stowed away under the bed. I’m so glad that today is Sunday, a day of rest – just what I need after driving 386 miles yesterday. In total, 1785 miles this trip. Enough, I reckon, for a little while!

My driving day yesterday began with a splendid breakfast from the very recently opened Cornwall Bakery at Annandale Water. I simply love croissants! The view was wonderful too.

Last day September trip 2018 002.JPG

I set off just after 9 a.m. and soon hit heavy rain , heavy traffic, and so much spray it was like thick fog. There is only one explanation for me getting through hours of such unpleasant and unsafe driving conditions: and that’s God’s travelling mercies and divine protection.

And He also provided excellent rest stops including one of the best chilli con carnes I’ve ever tasted – and I’ve always reckoned I cook a pretty good chilli myself. It was at what looked like a diner at a truck stop. That will teach me not to judge by appearances!

I had decided I wanted to cheat my sat nav and not go the obvious way home: via the A14 round Cambridge and Bury St Edmund’s. I simply do not like that road – and the stop-start nose-to-tail driving caused by never-ending roadworks makes it even less favourite with me. So I fibbed to my sat nav and said I was headed, not for Halesworth, but for my favourite Christian Bookshop, Green Pastures in Dereham!


It worked. Sat Nav lady directed me off the A1M onto the A17 towards Sleaford and then – joy of joys – the A47 towards Norwich. Mild sunshine, green fields, and the beginnings of autumn colours in leaves and berries were a treat to my eyes.

silver birch Dukes Drive 004.JPG

There is always something special about those last miles at the end of a long journey, especially when you’re headed home to your own house, your own armchair, and your own comfy bed!

And so, I’m back, safe and sound, and very grateful. I’ve had a great time, I’ve sussed out the possibilities of properties in Caithness (conclusion: not this time, and maybe even not at all? We shall see), and done a bit more background research and book promoting.

The next thing on the horizon is publication of the new book, Ring of Truth, number 3 in the Mizpah Ring Trilogy. I’ve seen a draft of the cover.


So on we go! I may not have much of an idea of exactly what that will entail, but I know Someone who does, and I trust Him completely!


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