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Travels closer to home

on September 10, 2018

And after a day for rest, I’m off again – this time just up the road to wonderful Earsham Hall on a special outing with my friends, the Sociable Ladies from the Waveney Valley Ecumenical Partnership.

Our guided tour was provided by lady of the house, Annabel Stretton-Derham, who regaled us with stories of the people who lived here in the past.

Earsham Hall 2018 001.JPG

Just time to spot a couple of the family peacocks before we entered the Hall for a cup of tea and a totally yummy cheese scone!

Earsham Hall 2018 007.JPG

The Hall and the views from the windows are quintessentially English after a fortnight in Scotland. The sash windows are some of the earliest in this country.

Earsham Hall 2018 015.JPG

Interiors are a wonderful mix of lavish gilding and ornate plasterwork,

Earsham Hall 2018 014.JPG

and a truly liveable space: here is a library that any bibliophile would covet.

Earsham Hall 2018 023.JPG

Outside, en route for the second stage of our afternoon tea, we encounter geese

Digital Image

and more statuary, in a sunny corner.

Earsham Hall 2018 027.JPG

We were served our tea and home-made cake in the wonderful kitchen. The old bread oven remains – and the washing-up is evidence of satisfied guests!

Earsham Hall 2018 028.JPG

One last treat was spotting another peacock with a little train of babies on the steps to the front door.

Earsham Hall 2018 032.JPG

Our tour was one of two on offer, and there was keen interest in finding a date when we can do the other tour and see more of this fascinating house.

I’ve lived quite close for a number of years but had not visited before. It’s strange how so often we don’t go to the places near to where we live unless we have the incentive of entertaining visitors. After my fortnight in Scotland, I’m thinking maybe I should make more of an effort to really get to know this corner of East Anglia. I’m sure there are lots more delightful discoveries just waiting!


One response to “Travels closer to home

  1. scskillman says:

    This is a lovely post. I love exploring historical properties and listening to the stories of the different generations who lived in these houses.

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